HSC -ACT Pre Event Shoot

We had to allot 3 days for pre-event shoot for our media and press friends and advocates whom we are highlighting in this year’s campaign for HIV-AIDS. A totally different scene this time around as everyone had to go through “Education” or counselling, we heard a lot of “Ows?” and “Really?” during and after counselling, which just proved that, there were still things that were unclear. A total of 20 signed up for testing during those pre-event shoot dates and it was something that I didn’t even expect! I thought that there would be less! I’ll wait for them to write about their own personal experience re: the testing, I’m sure that they all have a lot of interesting stories to tell!


Registration is still open until midnight of November 16! We have already sent out responses to 30 people re: their participation and will be sending out more tonight and tomorrow! So please have a little more patience! Thank you so much!

HSC Team



Karlo and Kenji with Karen listening intently

One of our educators – Ryan from ASP


Photos courtesy of our blogger friend Jeman Villanueva


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