Hi everyone! we have sent a total of about 60 confirmation e-mails already and will be sending the remaining slots tomorrow November 18 in the afternoon. So just in case you haven’t registered yet, well you have until tomorrow lunch time, although we of course have prioritized those who had sent their registration early!

We received an e-mail from someone, asking us if the slot we had given out can be transfered to someone else (to a friend or family)… and the answer we sent back is no, just to explain, and just so everybody knows, the main criteria for screening is the answer you gave to the question “How do you feel about getting yourself tested”, of course there is no right or wrong answer but we would want to involve people who gave answers that were engaging, and did not just say “i am okay with it” we also thought we wanted to get people who were unsure but was curious about it… For those who’ve received an e-mail from us, congratulations! and for those who haven’t yet, please be patient as we will be sending the rest of e-mails tomorrow after lunch! Thanks to all for the support! You guys rock!


A sneak preview of who’s headshot we’re working on!

Can anyone guess who this is? 🙂


Comments on: "Registration Ends Thursday Lunch" (2)

  1. ahahah….thats jay of kamikazee…!…i wanna join the shoot…can i?

  2. sayang.i knew it today lang. i want to participate pa naman for this year`s headshot clinic. when will be the next schedule??

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