This is the very first e-poster I have created for Headshot Clinic back in December of 2007! who would have thought that it would eventually become a brand!? I’ve taken this photo from my camera during my vacation in Australia, I don’t even think that I’ve shot this myself, it must have been my friend Lisa! Although I did ask permission from this model, whom if I’m not mistaken is Stef?! Okay, we were so drunk that night at Ms. Libertine! During the fashion show and my little photo exhibition… Anyway, going back to the poster! haha! pardon me for the lack of taste in choosing fonts and design! haha! I swear, back in 07 I thought it was cool!

I am attaching here below, the invitation I had sent out to my friends back in December ’07, inviting them to the very first Headshot Clinic!


I’ve heard jokes from people asking me to take their photos for their social network sites!
and it’s time to make that joke into a reality! haha! And since it’s xmas season! let’s all go crazey!
This is Project: Headshot Clinic Manila

The main objective is to have as much as people in a studio in a day for their headshots!(of course not just anybody, and since you got this invitation that means you are special! haha!) so I’m targeting 30? to 50 max… everybody gets several shots, and 2 edited headshots by the end of the week! the edited headshots will all have a uniform look but might be unique from each other. I’ll be giving a specific time and date when everybody should upload it on their social network site such as multiply, friendster, myspace, facebook! it will be an instant online interactive exhibition! hahahhaha! Let me know if you want to be part of this project! more info below! cheers!!!

When: December 20, Thursday, 12nn-7pm
Where: Cubepoint Studio, Rm10, 3rd floor, Anglo Bldg. Shaw Blvd.
Do I have to pay?: This is supposedly for free, but there is a chip in of 300 bux for the studio
rental and food and drinks! yes well be havin pizzas and maybe some booze!
Do I get Hi-res copies?: Eventually you’ll get a CD copy of your photos!
Do I have to upload it on the given date?!: Of course! coz thats the whole point of this project!
Will there be a make up artist?: No, but you may do your own, or come there on it, really you dont need it not unless you want it! haha!

Project: Headshot Clinic Melbourne tentatively Dec 21″

The idea was to have another shoot by a different photographer in Melbourne, Australia. That shoot materialized but did not reach the target number of people because of Melb’s crazy weather! I remembered I was told that it rained cats and dogs!

The Manila shoot happened on December 20, 2007 with a total of 60 something! Although I expected 80 pax, it was not that bad at all! All headshots were released January of 2008! It was then, when it finally invaded the internet!

Surprisingly both of these photos were shot in the month of November!!!  it’s funny how I think I look like a little boy back in 2007! It must be all that work and stress that led me to look like how I look now! haha! I remember I was wearing those huge black lenses that caused my eyes to look bigger… I think it’s actually kinda scary! haha! I’ll be posting some more stuff soon! Hope you enjoyed the read!




Comments on: "Reminiscing the first Headshot Clinic" (3)

  1. This is superb!
    Good luck and more power to Headshot Clinic.

  2. Kenji Nunez said:

    More power Nicco! I’m so proud to be included in the first HSC, to be part of history! haha congratulations again.

  3. kevin brylle zamora said:

    oh..2007 pa pala.. i can still have my headshot?

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