Yes, we thought this would be necessary and helpful for all you first timers! Here are some tips, do’s and don’ts at a Headshot Clinic!

1. Sleep early – Although there is Photoshop to clean those sad eye bags, sleeping early before the Headshot Clinic might be more helpful in achieving that killer smile that you have always been practicing in front of the mirror, yes I know you do, and it’s okay, I do that too!

2. Come on time– All those who were sent an e-mail were provided with a time slot, coming right on time will make it a lot easier for both you and me, and for the whole universe. Coming late would mean rushing, and rushing would mean running, and when you run, YOUR HAIR ends up everywhere, and your sweat, like connect the dots right on your forehead… errmmm…. I swear I’ll get a marker and will hope to draw a star.

3. Preparedness – Although there are experts to help you achieve a great iconic headshot on the shoot day, It is advisable to come to the shoot with a light make up on (if you need it, otherwise, there is Photoshop!!!) because there are no make up artists on the day of the shoot, it is a fast phased shoot and we do not have time to wait. Props are cool, but just make sure it doesn’t occupy more than 50% of your shot! The night before, you might want to face the mirror and practice your dynamic poses! while playing Madonna’s “Vogue” in the background! You can never go wrong with that!

4. Attire – We want to see your personal style, you may come as you are or wearing your uniform for say like, nursing or a culinary? Get my point? I’m sure you did, you are a bright bright kid! So yeah… prints are fine, because we have a plain background, prints will pop up good! bright colors are great too! HIV/AIDS awareness campaign does not always have to be dark and red! that is so yesterday! As for your bottoms, I really do not care, it wont show in the photo, so don’t bother! haha!

5. Do as you’re told! – We have a whip and if we tell you to strip, you strip! haha! JOKE! I meant, “PAY ATTENTION” to the photographer, he will give you directions as to look where, chin down or back flip 3 times summersault then pose with one eye closed… pay attention to his hand, as it will direct you as how you should position your head! (detach and screw back on that kinda stuff) You will know what I mean during the shoot!

6. Counseling and Screening – We are providing free counseling and VOLUNTARY HIV screening tomorrow during the shoot, (I repeat, it is voluntary!) upon registration and counseling you may advance your reservation for the testing, you will be tested right after your shoot, and everyone is advised to go home and not lounge around the venue right after the shoot and or the test!

I guess thats just about it!

Good luck to those who got our e-mail, we will see you tomorrow!

Team HSC


Comments on: "What to do? Tips and Tricks! Headshot 101" (3)

  1. Wow! thank you sa mga tips! 🙂
    kaya kung kailan naman kasi malapit na yung shoot tsaka naman nag appear yung mga pimples ko..BV

  2. Don’t you worry, those unwanted marks will be removed 🙂 Only photoshop touches my skin… lolz! kidding!

  3. hahaha. thanks! thanks! sana maganda yung kalabasan nung pic ko. thanks din sa mga counseling kanina about HIV, i learned a lot. Kudos to HSC team! 🙂

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