G’day everyone! We would like to thank everyone, and that means everyone who participated, who showed their support, volunteered, registered, came to the shoot, our sponsors! It truly feels great to know that everyone just effortlessly came together to help out and make Project Headshot Clinic ACT shoots possible!

We have a total of 200 plus headshots, yes, thats about how many we will have to work on! And I wont even tell how much I have already worked on! haha! But dont worry, the HSC Team is here to work on it and make sure they are all out by November 30 before December 1!

I thought I would post this mugshot of Andrew who is number 28 as you can see, with RA holding the name plate, haha! Everyone get’s ID’ed before getting their headshots so we can file and sort them easily! Andrew is one of the 500 who registered online and is one of the 100 whom we thought should take part in this year’s campaign… He told us that HIV testing is a social responsibility, and that he should feel good about being responsible for his own well being and the health of the others around him… and we totally agree!

All headshots will be out online eve of December 1!


Comments on: "200 plus Headshots and a Thousand Thank Yous!" (3)

  1. Bryan Peralta said:

    I knew he’d be picked!!! He’s a stand out…
    I was there the same day…

  2. it was a good experience. thanks!

  3. it’s such a noble act to be opening an outlet that would defy and destroy ignorance. So proud of the people behind this project! 🙂

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