Yes you read it right! Project Headshot Clinic – ACT (selected photos) to be on a photo exhibit tomorrow at the Mitra Hall at the House of Representatives. Combined photos from HSC – MOVE (2009) and HSC – ACT (present) will be up tomorrow for viewing. Β I am very anxious as it is totally different from the Greenbelt 5 exhibit last year, tomorrow, I will be facing not my usual crowd, but our law makers and the Speaker of The House himself. I was told that I will be giving my message on HIV/AIDS and Project Headshot Clinic tomorrow, and I wonder how it would go… I haven’t started on my draft, but for sure, I will make it straight to the point to avoid boredom ha ha! (I dislike doing speeches) I will post my message here on this blog soon! For now, I need all the luck and prayers! The photo exhibit is made possible by PLCPD (Philippine Legislators’ Committee on Population and Development) in partnership with the House of Representatives and UNAIDS.


Thank you for reading!



Comments on: "HSC- ACT at the House of Representatives" (5)

  1. You will do great, Niccolo. Best of luck to you. Just speak from the heart…

  2. Go Niccolo! You can do it! Thanks for having me in this year’s Project Headshot Clinic. It’s an honor to be a participant and I’m happy I get to support UNAIDS’ campaign now.

    More power and good luck to your speech πŸ™‚

  3. good luck. kaya mo yan. πŸ˜€

  4. good luck Sir Niccolo! πŸ˜€

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