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Registration Ends Thursday Lunch


Hi everyone! we have sent a total of about 60 confirmation e-mails already and will be sending the remaining slots tomorrow November 18 in the afternoon. So just in case you haven’t registered yet, well you have until tomorrow lunch time, although we of course have prioritized those who had sent their registration early!

We received an e-mail from someone, asking us if the slot we had given out can be transfered to someone else (to a friend or family)… and the answer we sent back is no, just to explain, and just so everybody knows, the main criteria for screening is the answer you gave to the question “How do you feel about getting yourself tested”, of course there is no right or wrong answer but we would want to involve people who gave answers that were engaging, and did not just say “i am okay with it” we also thought we wanted to get people who were unsure but was curious about it… For those who’ve received an e-mail from us, congratulations! and for those who haven’t yet, please be patient as we will be sending the rest of e-mails tomorrow after lunch! Thanks to all for the support! You guys rock!


A sneak preview of who’s headshot we’re working on!

Can anyone guess who this is? 🙂


Drum Roll! HSC-ACT!

Okay okay! I know you are all excited to know if you got in the top 100! But screening more than a hundred registration a day is really really tough! I hope you can extend a little more patience, we will announce the first 30 this weekend! Relevance of answer in our registration question is very important, so we hope that you had really poured your heart out in it or had really given a lot of thought in your answers! For those who have not registered yet! you may still do so! The reason why we are quite strict with registration is because this opportunity is for free, and we sure hope that it goes to those who really deserves the slot 🙂 Thank you for the patience and for the understanding!

Happy weekend everyone!

niccolo xxx


Register now!

We are happy to announce that the registration for the Project Headshot Clinic ACT has resumed.

If you are interested to join this special 3rd anniversary series, you can now register at HSC facebook page.

Registration Problem

Registration Update: If in case you are having problems with the Registration, kindly check back… we are having a high volume traffic at the moment. As of this morning we received 75 registrations! That’s great news for us! It only means that a lot of people are engaging in this project and in the HIV/AIDS awareness!


Previous HIV/AIDS Campaign

I thought it would be relevant to post some photos from the Project Headshot Clinic -MOVE exhibit from last year as we prepare for this year’s new HIV/AIDS campaign called “Project Headshot Clinic ACT”! Supported by the UNAIDS 3 years in a row, this time we aim to encourage people to do HIV Screening (Testing) It is a very bold and ambitious move, to invite people to act on this very important issue.

I’ve attached here, the write up from last year’s Move exhibit.

The Headshot Clinic is the flagship in employing unparalleled advocacy using digital photography as its main medium of representation and publicizes it through the presently prevailing social networks. The collaborating powers of both will further enhance awareness as last year’s UNAIDS supported Project Headshot Clinic: AWARE to spread the issues and facts of HIV/AIDS. “AWARE” took the internet by storm. It was able to spread consciousness and made more people aware of HIV/AIDS.

This year, UNAIDS and Project Headshot Clinic are working together to call for ACTION in fighting the spreading of HIV/AIDS. It is a sad realization that as much as we are aware of the dangers, still – more and more people are diagnosed with the decease.

And so we have to MOVE.

Headshot Clinic Project: UNAIDS MOVE aims to facilitate curiosity in people and drive them to make a change. We will inform the public and will ultimately thrust a call for action to fight HIV/AIDS. It will feature advocates who are the movers and shakers in the Philippines, as well as regular people like students, taxi drivers, or personalities who are or have been affected by HIV. This time, as we have succeeded in the dissemination of awareness from last year, we are acting on it.

And we will fight it together, everyone has a voice and it should be heard.

here is a link to the rest of the Move Headshots click here


Project Headshot Clinic ACT 2010

Will be posting details soon!