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Bibeth Orteza, Film/TV Director

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Light For Rights opening ceremony, December 6, 2010. 2PM RVM Lobby House of Representatives

It was definitely an experience, I have never imagined that I would one day stand in front of our country’s legislators, that was just really far out! And I have to be honest, I was nearly shaking but tried to hide it, I knew I had to sound confident. My speech, although simple, resonated the hopes of the headshot clinic ACT participants, and I can only hope that it would make a change, big or small. This is for all of us, for my brothers and sisters living with HIV/AIDS, and for those whom we’ve lost.

Niccolo’s Speech

One day, someone very curious asked me: how can portraits be an effective medium to spread awareness? And I said: with photographs and the use of the Internet, we can reach out to the world in one click of a finger. I would like to explain very briefly, on November 30, 15 minutes before midnight, everyone was anticipating the launch of these headshots online, I had promised that at 12mn, all 235 photos would be made viewable to public. At that time, together with my team, we were trying to beat our deadline by uploading all the photographs on our website and on Facebook. It felt like New Year’s Eve; I can almost hear them do the countdown…

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Yes you read it right! Project Headshot Clinic – ACT (selected photos) to be on a photo exhibit tomorrow at the Mitra Hall at the House of Representatives. Combined photos from HSC – MOVE (2009) and HSC – ACT (present) will be up tomorrow for viewing.  I am very anxious as it is totally different from the Greenbelt 5 exhibit last year, tomorrow, I will be facing not my usual crowd, but our law makers and the Speaker of The House himself. I was told that I will be giving my message on HIV/AIDS and Project Headshot Clinic tomorrow, and I wonder how it would go… I haven’t started on my draft, but for sure, I will make it straight to the point to avoid boredom ha ha! (I dislike doing speeches) I will post my message here on this blog soon! For now, I need all the luck and prayers! The photo exhibit is made possible by PLCPD (Philippine Legislators’ Committee on Population and Development) in partnership with the House of Representatives and UNAIDS.


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Pepe thinks


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Bric  Bernas, Executive Director, AIDS Society of the Philippines

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Jake Cuenca talks about HIV

Jake talks about his awakening experience while making his indie film “HIV (Si Heidi, si Ivy at si V…)” click to read more…

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